Child Birth Classes

Have you been looking into taking childbirth education classes and don’t know where to start? Why not try it online??!! Midwife 101 is taught by Gelena Hinkley, a Certified Professional Midwife/Licensed Midwife.

The online series offers childbirth education for those moms seeking the best natural birth their child could have at home or in the hospital.

Midwife101 has forums, exercises, a lactation consultant and even a nutritionist! There’s so much content in one convenient format and covers everything you need to know. How do I know? I can attest to it because she was MY midwife.

She embodied every reason you choose to birth with a midwife. She is

Knowledgeable, caring, compassionate, and supportive.

Her geniune personailty shines through and into the course! So go ahead and give it a try (risk free!) with this Sample class.